2017 Screen Critix Awards – The Results

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The envelopes are ready to be opened and film makers eagerly wait with baited breath. The time has come to announce the winners of the 2017 Screen Critix awards.

The first annual awards are here and we at Screen Critix are happy to announce the winners. The year has been filled with some fantastic films to review and the categories were packed full of amazing talent and the vote count on all was close (real close).

So, without further ado, let’s start the show. golden wreath 300x286 2017 Screen Critix Awards   The Results


Best Actor – Demis Tzivis (Burn in Hell) 

It was a great year for Swedish actor Demis Tzivis. His collaborations with Jarno Lee Vinsencius were very impressive, but the performance that stood out for us was his turn in Burn in Hell. Playing an adulterer who is caught out by his partner, Tzivis knocks it out of the park.


Best Actress – Lisa Roumain (Hurricane)

As Eva Alduars, Lisa Roumain was utterly convincing as one half of a 1950’s married couple in the cold war comedy Hurricane. Lisa has impressed with numerous performances and was also strong in the horror short Shallow Water.


Best Documentary – Gander: America’s Hero Dog

Directed by Stacy Stone and co-produced with Diane Mellen, Gander: America’s Hero Dog is a fascinating documentary about a rescue dog who was trained to help service a Veteran who desperately needed a friend. It’s heartfelt, interesting, professionally made and deserving of this award.


Best Animation – LeSeurdmin

It really shows how good LeSeurdmin is when it was not only nominated in the Best Animation category, but also the Best Feature Film too. Created by Nicholas De Fina, Le Seurdmin is a bonkers ride, jam-packed full of humour and crazy intelligence. Think you have seen every type of super hero movie? Think again.


Best Cinematography – Austin Michaels (Invisible Me)

A super-close category, Invisible Me gets the nod from us for a few reasons. Not only does the film look great and is lit fantastically, but to actually use real children to hold and run with the camera when we have the P.O.V. of a child on screen is inspired. Invisible Me is a powerful story and it needed some out-of-the-box thinking to make it truly effective.


Best Horror/Sci-fi Short Film – Shallow Water

Another tough call but we have to go with Sandy Collora’s Shallow Water. What it lacks in dialogue it certainly makes up for is tension and effects. A woman is running through a forest, chased by a large creature. Her friends have all been killed, dismembered, eaten, and she is desperate to survive. As stated above, the effects are incredible for an independent short film and it is deserving of the award for Best Horror/Sci-Fi Short Film.


Best Comedy Short Film – True American

Jerell Rosales’ True American is a hilarious short film about a former military mortician who brings his “skills” to a small town in America. With little money to start his business, he does whatever it takes to get the ball rolling and to become successful. It’s funny and it’s a little dark a times, but ultimately, it’s fantastic viewing.


Best Short Film – Fireflies fireflies poster 202x300 2017 Screen Critix Awards   The Results

A hot topic in today’s times, Fireflies tells the story of a Middle Eastern man who regularly visits a Boston cafe much to the aghast of a waiter who grows suspicious of his activities. Directed by Raouf Zaki and written by Charles Hall, Fireflies is a powerful piece of polished work and our pick for Best Short Film of 2017.


Best Feature Film – Short Distance

Nic Barker has made a name for himself around the Screen Critix office as a film director to watch out for. He has a great career ahead of him, and that is due to how good his short and independent work has been to date. Short Distance is a perfect example of this. Set over a weekend, the relationships of three couples are put to the test due to the complications that come with a long distance love affair. A fantastic film from a fantastic director.


Best Film Maker – Jarno Lee Vinsencius

The Swedish auteur has had a remarkable year, having created Burn in Hell, The Madame in Black and Darkness Falls. All three short films were excellent, with no exceptions, and all three scored very highly at Screen Critix. Not resting on his laurels though, Vinsencius is still hard at work creating more visual treats and we cannot wait to get our paws on them.

So that is it for this year’s awards. Some great films from some great up-and-coming film makers. It was really close, but the winners are all truly deserving. We have already had some excellent films sent in to review that are eligible for next year’s nominations, so it could be even closer for 2018. Thanks everyone, and congratulations to the winners and nominees.



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    Carl, thank you so very much! This means so much to me, and the teams on HURRICANE and SHALLOW WATER. I’ve always respected your opinion and your support through the years has been incredible. Thank you for your dedication to film!

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