Return To Eden, it’s All About Coming Home (2020) review

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When natural and human interests impinge on each other, and over-regulation disturbs our biological balance, important questions arise. Do we belong to nature or does nature belong to us? Read on for our review of Marijn Poels’ Return To Eden, It’s All About Coming Home. [Read more...]

Bold & Brash: Filmmaking Boisvert Style (2014) review

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With no experience or training, Simon Boisvert embarks on a creative adventure of writing directing and producing self-financed micro-budget narrative films. Since his debut made six feature films. This documentary takes us on his journey through the good times and mostly the bad times of his career. [Read more...]

Made as Art: The Michael Braun Story (2019) review


The life story of legendary fashion designer Michael Braun, best known for making flamboyant stage clothing for pop culture icons as diverse as rock stars like Jimi Hendrix to wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. This is our review of Made as Art: The Michael Braun Story. [Read more...]