Crossing Shaky Ground (2020) review

crossing shajy ground

During a business trip to Astoria, Oregon, Aaron is caught in the middle of a huge Earthquake that forces him to make his way back home on foot. Unsure of what he will find or even if he will survive the trip, we follow him on his 725-mile journey to Portland. This is Paul Bright’s docudrama, Crossing Shaky Ground. [Read more...]

PN and Friends Episode 20: Summer Distancing (2020) web series review


Manchild simpleton PN tries to make it through lockdown and all of the new rules that entail with the help of the internet, Zoom and all of his friends. Here is our review of Episode 20 of the cult hit web series PN and Friends. [Read more...]

Trapped Inside (2020) short film review

Official Movie Poster - UPDATE

After almost drowning in the bathtub a girl wakes up to find herself locked inside a dark and eerie bathroom. Things quickly go from bad to worse as she begins to realise there might be someone or something in the room with her in Usher Morgan’s short horror film Trapped Inside. [Read more...]

Terra Beach (2020) short film review


In the year 2069, a freshman on a summer break from his college on the planet Mars, returns to his home space colony. While there he gets involved in a romance with a Hispanic girl named Dominica, only for the relationship to garner the attention of the local bigots in Mike Gallant’s Terra Beach. [Read more...]

My Best Worst Adventure (2020) review

MBWA - Vertical Fnl - web sized

After the death of her mother, a rebellious Thai-American girl is sent to live with her grandmother in rural Thailand by her stepfather. Here she befriends a mute peasant boy and inspires him to compete in an annual Buffalo Race in Joel Soisson’s My Best Worst Adventure. [Read more...]