Digital Edition (2016) short film review

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Taking a look at how the press has had to adapt to the digital age, we take a look at James Kicklighter’s short documentary Digital Edition.  Our review is right after the jump.

digital edition still 1024x577 Digital Edition (2016) short film review

We at Screen Critix have already had the pleasure of reviewing a film helmed by James Kicklighter before – the beautifully made short film Desires of the Heart, so we were expecting his latest offering to be similar in vein. Though the professionalism and attention to detail remained, the type of film was different; which is no bad thing at all.

With Digital Edition, Kicklighter takes us on a journey to the Atlanta Journal and lets us see the inner workings of the much heralded newspaper. Using interview techniques, we learn how the journalists and editors managed to adapt from working with print to utilizing the power of the internet in order to get their stories across to readers all over the planet.

It really is an interesting subject, especially for those who are learning the craft of journalism and want to see what life is like working for a successful media outlet. Will we ever see an end to print? Will online content continue to grow and fully take over? These are all questions that Digital Edition edition still 2 1024x576 Digital Edition (2016) short film review

As we stated above, Digital Edition is a very polished and professional product. The editing is fantastic throughout, keeping at a nice fast pace so the audience never get bored. The sound and picture is great throughout too. It really is easy to see that Digital Edition ticks all the boxes when it comes to how a short documentary should look and make you feel. James Kicklighter and his crew know their craft and with Digital Edition, they have created a documentary that I really enjoyed watching.

We are as yet unaware when Digital Edition will be available to watch online, but we shall let you all know when we find out.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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