Desires of the Heart review (2015)

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An Indian man living in America meets and begins to fall in love with an artist called Madeline, just as he is summoned home to participate in an arranged marriage. Read our review of Desires of the Heart right after the jump.

 Desires of the Heart review (2015)

Having lived in America for the last few years, Dr Kris Sharma (played by Val Lauren) is settled and is working hard towards opening his own therapy practice in Seattle. One day, whilst sat on a promenade, he meets a mysterious artist named Madeline. A relationship soon blossoms, but it is put on hold when Kris is asked to return to India and marry a woman hand-picked for him.

Uninterested in Indian traditions, Kris returns home in order to tell his potential bride that he has no intention of marrying her or moving back to India.

Directed by James Kicklighter and Rajesh Rathi, Desires of the Heart is an extremely well made independent film. Nearly everything about the production screams professional and talented. The film, in the most parts, is achingly beautiful and captured with awe-inspiring imagery courtesy of cinematographer Tim Gill. We get to see the scenic sights of India, with beautiful striking colours highlighting scenes, alongside the great lit environments of America. Gill really does do a brilliant job.

 Desires of the Heart review (2015)The performances from the actors, especially the aforementioned Lauren and Alicia Minshew (who plays Madeline), are all spot-on and enthralling. They are supported by some great American and Indian actors, all giving their all to contribute to a great film.

If I did have to give some constructive criticism, it would be that the sound wasn’t as good in some scenes than others, but that is easily forgivable, seeing as how much effort was put into this project.

The winner of awards such as Best Foreign Film at the LA Femme Festival in Los Angeles, you can’t help but be impressed with both Kicklighter’s and Rathi’s film. I am looking forward to seeing what both directors come up with next.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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