Zen Studios’ Humble Weekly Sale

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Zen Studios’ Humble Weekly Sale details. That’s a lotta pinball! This week only, people can pay what they want for five *Pinball FX2 *packs by Zen Studios on Steam for Windows in the Humble Weekly Sale – a week-long promotion on Humble Bundle where people can name their price on awesome digital content while supporting charity.

humble bundle 300x300 Zen Studios Humble Weekly SaleIf they pay $6 or more, buyers of this weekly sale will also unlock three premium *Pinball FX2* titles featuring popular nerdtastic franchises like *Star Wars* and *Marvel*. The full lineup includes:

*Pay $1 or more for:*

– *Pinball FX2 – Core Pack*
– *Pinball FX2 – Classic Pack*
– *Pinball FX2 – Earth Defense Table*
– *Pinball FX2 – Paranormal Table*, and
– *Pinball FX2 – Epic Quest Table*

*Pay $6 or more to unlock:*

– *Pinball FX2 – Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicle Pack*
– *Pinball FX2 – Star Wars Pack*, and
– *Pinball FX2 – Marvel Pinball Original Pack*

The complete bundle includes more than 20 pinball tables to satisfy your retro gaming needs. In addition to tons of content, buyers of this weekly sale can decide where their money goes: to the developers, Zen Studios, and/or two vital charities, Watsi and American Red Cross.

From now until Thursday, November 28, you can check out the Humble Weekly Sale: Zen Studios here: https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly

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