X-Men Apocalypse director confirmed

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X-Men Apocalypse director confirmed, and it really shouldn’t be a surprise. Find out after the break just in case you can’t guess.

age of apocalypse X Men Apocalypse director confirmed

Bryan Singer, shockingly, is officially X-Men Apocalypse director. According to IGN, Vulture has said that Singer will ‘most definitely direct’. The title releases in 2016, and the director apparently has May in mind. Busy few years for comic book fans, and the geek universe? Star Wars, Avengers, X-Men and more all in the same two years. Crazy.

Singer also confirmed that the 2016 film will be a sequel to ‘X-Men Days Of Future Past’. Get more information about Apocalypse from our recent post.

Stay tuned for more X-Men news.

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