Wolf Creek 2 review (2014)

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Mick Taylor is back to hunt down more backpackers in Australia’s outback. We have the review for Wolf Creek 2, right here.

wolf creek 2 Wolf Creek 2 review (2014)

It’s been nine long years since the release of Wolf Creek and the first time we ever came across the sadistic outback killer Mick Taylor. With his humour, hunting skills, brutality and ability to quote famous movie lines in a threatening manner (you call that a knife?), Mick Taylor became an instant favourite among horror aficionados. So it was pretty obvious that we would get a sequel, but what took so long?

Wolf Creek 2 begins with Taylor being pulled over by some, not-so-honest, police officers for speeding. They soon end up in a bloody mess, as Taylor gets his revenge for an unwarranted speeding ticket.

We then move onto a German couple hiking around Australia, when they unfortunately come across our jokey serial killer.

Whilst Wolf Creek was dark with some underlining humour, the sequel is done mostly for laughs with added gore as an extra. In doing so, it loses most of what made the original so popular. A lot of the film is set during the daytime, when the sun is high in the sky and scorching down upon the outback; doing so made the film feel less horror and more like Spielberg’s Duel, especially during the many car and truck chases.Wolf Creek 2 poster Wolf Creek 2 review (2014)

Whilst there is nothing wrong with a thriller like Duel, it’s not exactly what we expected. Wolf Creek had a rawness about it that was closer in style to that of Eli Roth’s Hostel, yet this didn’t quite mimic. The attention is aimed more at Taylor stalking his prey than his prey trying to escape with their life. We get to see Taylor joke around by himself, listening to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and more, which in turn takes away some of the mystique. Do we really need to know everything that makes him tick to be interested? I don’t think so personally. After all, the Wizard was for more interesting in Oz before we got to see behind the curtain.

Wolf Creek 2 also turns the notch to eleven on the gore side of things. Heads are cut off and blown up, knives are stuck into flesh on close-ups and other parts removed in attempt to gross-out the audience.

Wolf Creek 2 is okay for a one-time watch, but if you are really interest in a scary thrill ride set in Australia, just go back to Greg McLean’s earlier effort – 2005’s Wolf Creek. The sequel doesn’t quite live up to the original.

Overall Thoughts:

Decent in parts, Wolf Creek 2 doesn’t live up to what made the original so appealing, nor is it scarier due to be playing more for laughs then out-and-out horror.

2.5 / 5 stars     

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