Warner Bros. looking to remake Gremlins

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It seems that Warner Bros. are looking to remake the 80’s classic Gremlins, and are also fast-tracking the production too.

gremlins Warner Bros. looking to remake GremlinsAccording to Aint It Cool News, Warner Bros. want to get the ball rolling and move quickly to get the Gremlins remake into production. If you have been in hiding for nigh on thirty years; Gremlins is about a teenager who receives a strange pet called a mogwai for Christmas. He doesn’t take care of it properly and disobeys the rules of not feeding him after midnight and keeping him away from water. The mogwai multiplies and turns into creatures called Gremlins and the sleepy little town in which he lives basically gets destroyed.

Whilst Warner Bros. are looking to get the film done, they still need to get the go ahead from both Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment.

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