The Walking Dead series 4 episode 1 review

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After a short break, The Walking Dead returns with a fourth season this week. The episode, entitled 30 Days Without An Accident was a great comeback episode. Full review here.

Contains spoilers, do not read if you want to watch for yourself.

AMC’s big television series is back. Picking up where series 3 left off, Rick and co are still trying to make a life for themselves in the prison. The Governor is missing since his unsuccessful attack and Rick has overcome his temporarily drop into madness. rick walking dead 300x176 The Walking Dead series 4 episode 1 review

We are introduced slightly to some of the newcomers to this season and Daryl has become a bit of a celebrity due to him helping many with finding salvation and food. The prison yard is also now being used to grow vegetables and keep livestock (pigs).

The first episode in season 4 delivers a couple of great set-pieces in the final twenty minutes, the first half of the episode is used to welcome people back. A group, led by Daryl and Michone, go on a mission to a local supermarket in order to gather supplies. They believe that the place is empty and devoid of walkers, little knowing that many zombies are aimlessly situated on the very unstable roof. Obviously, the roof soon gives way and zombies fall like rain into the building, leaving our heroes to fight for their survival once again, with one losing a life. Don’t worry though, it isn’t a main character.

Meanwhile, Rick is out collecting the bounty from his snares outside the prison when he comes across a woman alone. She asks for his help and let her and her husband join the camp in order to live. He agrees, but only on the pretence that she will take him to her husband and they both answer a series of questions. She agrees and leads Rick to where her husband is situated, only for Rick to find that she isn’t mentally all there.

This was a great return for The Walking Dead and a start to what we hope will be the best season so far.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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