True American (2016) short film review

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Looking for his own slice of the American dream, a former military man starts his own funeral business in his home town in the short comedy True American.

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Kyle (Brennan Kelleher) is a kind yet socially-awkward former military man who lives alone in a camper van he is about to lose. He has his sights on a rundown house that needs a lot of work, but a down payment is needed and business is not doing well. Mainly because he is offering a funeral service to the residents of his small home town.

He operates out of a small room, rented from the library, which is run by his crush, Jenny (Emily Boyle). Whenever Kyle tries to make conversation with Jenny and attempt to flirt, his advances are spurned, but everything might start to turn around when an old man dies and his desperate widow needs to give him a decent send off.

True American is a funny and quirky short film by director Jerell Rosales (who also directed the shorts No No, Homo and Please Hold). Filled with some excellent performances by the cast, and shot in a manner that reminded me a little of Wes Anderson titles such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenenbaums. Which is certainly a complement.true americanposter True American (2016) short film review

Written by Patrick Waldrop and Stephen Peltier, the screenplay is filled with humorous jokes and situations. It just goes to show that laughter can be found in all aspects of life, even in death and the struggle of one man just trying to survive. The script really is well written and the dialogue never feels forced.

As touched upon above, the short is shot wonderfully. I have come across many up-and-coming film makers who lack the necessary skill and eye to make a film pop. They rely on overused and boring camera techniques that bring a production down. Not so here. Cinematographer Teodora Totoiu does a sublime job in lensing True American. It really is shot beautifully and helps the short (along with the direction, writing and performances) look professional.

Moses Navarro edited the film really well, using some great techniques to move the story along at a good pace. It seems that every single crew and cast member where on the same page when it came to creating this short.

True American, which was produced by Patrick Waldrop and Aaron Edmonds, is a fun and quirky comedy short that we highly recommend everyone watches, should they be given the chance. We loved it.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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