The Wolf Among Us episode 2 review

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Check out our The Wolf Among Us episode 2 review, a Telltale game, after the break.

the wolf among us episode 2 The Wolf Among Us episode 2 review

“The Big Bad Wolf is back, he’s kicking ass and literally taking names.”

It’s not hard to see why The Wolf Among Us is doing well, it has that familiar Telltale vibe but a very different storyline. The intelligent use of ‘fairy tale’ characters is simply amazing. Episode 2 delves deeper into the ‘Fables’ world, and the current murder mystery.

Right, on with the review. Last time I scored the the franchises debut a 4.5/5, but can Telltale keep the hype train going? Yeah, easily. The Big Bad Wolf is back, he’s kicking ass and literally taking names. The entire episode is an exercise in violence, if you choose. I must admit I surprised myself with the decisions I made, but who cares? Peoples lives were at stake and I beat the answers out of anyone hiding something. I’m now officially hooked to the storyline, episode 2 just furthered the intrigue. Murder mystery has never been this cool.

The mechanics of the game remain unchanged, which isn’t a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, at times you don’t feel like your doing much. It’s not a hardcore gaming experience by any stretch of imagination. Not at all. As I said, these games are like graphic novels you control. That’s the fun, you play out a storyline that you are somewhat in control of. In terms of plot points. The fight scenes do however add an interesting element, but I wish they were harder. I’m so used to the style now, where you have to hit the right button at the right time, that I rarely feel challenged. I do however feel the intense choice selection is the highlight of the game. I often find myself wondering if I made the right decision, and most of the time I panic and select something quickly. But I never, and you should never, alter my save file. Golden rule people.

Overall thoughts:
The storyline progress’ in an unexpected direction, which isn’t a bad thing. I found myself playing the game VERY different to how I usually play choice related games. The Wolf Among Us really does take you out of your usual ‘paragon’ tendencies, and asks you a simple question? Do you have time to mess around, or is it better to smash someone in the hopes of saving another?

4.5 / 5 stars     

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