The Washing Machine short film review (2014)

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A man who is having trouble trying to make ends meet comes across a mysterious washing machine that generates money in the short black comedy The Washing Machine. Review after the jump.

the washing machine 1 1024x440 The Washing Machine short film review (2014)

Directed by Lorenzo Pomari for his last project in film school, The Washing Machine is a quirky little film about greed.  Billy (Bryan Webb) is finding it hard to pay the bills that are forever mounting up, but a visit to his apartment’s laundry room changes his life. With a bundle of dirty clothing under his arm and just lint in his pocket, Billy doesn’t know how he can get his clothes clean, but he soon sees a new machine in the corner. He places his laundry in the machine and, once the cycle has finished, the clothes come out washed and with $20 in the pocket.

Of course, once Billy realises what’s happened, he repeats the process in order to become financial secure. Our main character soon starts to rely on the machine but one day it ceases to give him any money and Billy becomes enraged. the washing machine The Washing Machine short film review (2014)

The Washing Machine is a nicely made short. Although this is the first film by Lorenzo Pomari I have seen, I can already get a sense of his style. The music and sound go well hand-in-hand and the overall look of the film is very nice.

Whilst the role of Billy isn’t exactly demanding, Bryan Webb does very well with it, as does Thomas Callahan in the part of the representative for the company whom manufactured the special washing machine.

The Washing Machine is a film that I suspect would do really well on the festival circuit, picking up awards in horror and comedy sections especially. If it is playing in a festival near you, I recommend you spend the time to go and watch it – you won’t be disappointed.

4 / 5 stars     

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