Lifeline (2018) short film review


A woman in despair calls a suicide hotline and the operator who takes her call must do everything in his power to keep her on the line. Will he lose her forever or will she find the will to live? Here is our review of L. Marcus Williams thought-provoking drama ‘Lifeline’. [Read more...]

Le Linceul (2018) short film review


Waitress Katic makes a bet with some customers that she can walk around a graveyard three times at midnight without getting scared. It’s a bet that has terrifying consequences for Katic and her entire family in Marie Vandelannoote’s French horror short “Le Linceul”. [Read more...]

Round Trip (2018) short film review


In the middle of the Australian Outback, Constable Rose is escorting his prisoner Ned Williams to their eventual destination. All the while trying to avoid being Injured, shot, eaten and most importantly of all, Ned escaping. [Read more...]