Sword Art Online part 2 review (DVD)

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Sword Art Online part 1 review (DVD). Well, the anime world is all talking about this series. But what does Screen Critix think of part 2? Find out after the break.

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“The most disappointing thing? When Sword Art Online shows up, content wise, it’s actually an entertaining watch”

It’s no secret, in my last review I thought the story under delivered. Quite a bit of the storyline seemed to be time lapsed, I mean week 1 should’ve been some of the craziest story telling in anime. Riots, the works. But, SWO skipped the entire time period. So, do things get better in the second part? No. No is the answer.

No? Well, to be honest the times when we get actual storyline is fine. But what we get in part 2 is lots of stretched out content, and then an abrupt ending. Obviously the show has 2 more parts on the way, and season 2 just got announced; but this felt like an ending of sorts. Maybe the correct term would be ‘arc ending’.

For about 3 episodes, I’ll admit it, I was bored out of my mind. No spoilers, but a lot of the content seemed like it didn’t need to be so drawn out. Especially when you consider other content they skipped, and then the arc ending. The most disappointing thing? When Sword Art Online shows up, content wise, it’s actually an entertaining watch. Some of the battles in this arc were great, and almost worth the boring bits.

In terms of the Japanese soundtrack, the voice acting is quite good. Kirito’s voice actor knows how to deliver that violent war scream, and as a result his battles are intense! Well, when they can be bothered to do proper battles in Sword Art Online.

The animation is great, and should be praised. The actual world is great, as I’ve said before. I found myself disappointed that we, the audience, didn’t get to explore the full Aincrad world. Don’t forget this world has 100 floors, and it feels like we barely got to explore any of them.

Overall thoughts:
Sword Art Online is a missed opportunity at a great anime, and honestly I’ve no idea what they are going to do with multiple series. Is it worth watching? Sure, if you’ve run out of anime. Otherwise it sounds like you might be better picking up the light novel that inspired the show.

2.5 / 5 stars     

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