Strayed Outta Compton (2016) short film review

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A social gathering involving three couples takes a strange turn after watching Straight Outta Compton on DVD in the comedy short Strayed Outta Compton.

Starting a new job can be stressful; not only do you need to get accustomed to the job but you also need to try and forge some kind of workable relationship with the co-workers. In an attempt to “get to know” his fellow workers better, Zach (Matt Clifford) has arranged a small party at his house – an idea that his wife Brie (Paige Cato) isn’t too pleased about, hence her taking far too long in getting out of the shower and her decision to make a subtle protest by wearing her pyjamas.

Zach’s colleagues, Anders and Josh along with partners Rein and Kristen, soon turn up and the party gets off to an awkward start. In order to lighten the mood, Rein announces that she stopped by the local DVD rental store and picked up all the movies in the Hunger Games series, which receives a “whoop” from all the party goers, but that excitement soon fades when she opens the box to find Straight Outta Compton instead of the Jennifer Lawrence starring YA series.

After a brief discussion, the three couples all sit down to watch the movie whist drinking wine and nibbling on cheese and crackers, but things start to go weird as the movie starts to influence the group.Strayed 7thRevPoster Strayed Outta Compton (2016) short film review

Running at a little over twelve minutes in length, Strayed Outta Compton is a funny short with some good comedic performances and a humorous script by Clifford. Directed by Jim Whipple, the short is intended to be a pitch for a web series featuring the same characters in other funny (and probably awkward) situations.

From a technical point-of-view, Strayed Outta Compton is well-made with only a few minor issues – A boom shadow could be seen in a shot is one example, but the short gets far more right than it does wrong. As stated, the performances of all the actors involved are funny and each character has their own, different personality. I’d also like to add that I thought the sound design used to highlight the punchlines were a good addition too, it reminded me of an 80’s sitcom, which is what Whipple was most likely trying to achieve.

Strayed Outta Compton makes for a funny twelve minute viewing, let’s hope Clifford and Whipple get to turn it into a series, for I’d certainly be keen to watch it.

3 / 5 stars     

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