Schwarzenegger tweets pic from set of MAGGIE

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Filming has begun on the upcoming film Maggie, with Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeting a picture from the set of the film.

Maggie was a script that featured on the infamous Blacklist, which is a selection of the best unmade screenplays circling around Hollywood. It tells the tale of Maggie who, after being infected, is slowly becoming a zombie. Schwarzenegger will play Maggie’s father, who is helping her come to terms with the impending change. maggie pic 300x168 Schwarzenegger tweets pic from set of MAGGIE

The picture shows the Austrian Oak alongside his co-star Abigail Breslin and the film’s director Henry Hobson.

Since leaving office as the governor of California, Schwarzenegger has made up for lost time by signing up to many movies. Maggie looks set to be a must see when released.

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