SAW 8 is apparently on the way

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Have you missed having a Jigsaw based Halloween for the last three years? Well, it looks like SAW 8 is in the works for a future release.

Although Saw 3D (2010) was panned by critics and fans-alike, the film was still a success at the box-office. Now, according to a report on Bloody Disgusting, Lionsgate are looking to bring the franchise back for at least one more scare. jigsaw puppet SAW 8 is apparently on the way

There was talk of a remake but it seems that the studio will instead opt to continue the series instead. Saw became a cult hit when it was released in 2004, but it was then followed by many inconsistent sequels.

With the main protagonist, Jigsaw, dead, a new killer will need to be introduced to go with some more elaborate traps. Let’s hope the next one will be an improvement on the last.

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