Powering On: Looking Forward, Never Back (2019) review

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Powering On: Looking Forward, Never Back is a short documentary on John Rigby – a champion bodybuilder and marathon runner who is 91 years young.

We, at Screen Critix, had the pleasure of recently reviewing One Chance by director James Hyams and producer Jeremy Rigby, and now, in the same week, we have also been lucky enough to watch another short by the Australian filmmakers. Powering On: Looking Forward, Never Back takes us into the life of Rigby’s father John.

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In just six minutes, James and Jeremy allow the viewers to take a good glimpse into the world of an inspirational man. At 91, John is still working as a paleobotanist, something he took up in the 1950’s, collecting enough fossils to work on for years at a time. It’s a subject and way of life that John obviously has a deep love for and a whole film could have been dedicated to John’s vocation, but Jeremy also opts to show his father’s keep fit regime. One such regime that puts many, many men (including myself) to shame.

John regularly visits the gym and competes in bodybuilding competitions, even winning many trophies along the way, such as being the World Natural Body Builder for his age category. If that wasn’t impressive enough, John also runs half marathons. Simply astonishing.

Edited together well, Powering On is a professional looking short film that could even act as a teaser for a full-length documentary. John’s life is so interesting, I’m sure a longer cut would be deserving. James Hyams also acted as the director of photography on the short and he does very well in creating crisp imagery.Powering On Poster 212x300 Powering On: Looking Forward, Never Back (2019) review

The audio was good, though I found a couple of instances where John’s voice was a little hard to hear over some of the score, but it wasn’t enough to deter my viewing satisfaction.

Powering On: Looking Forward, Never Back is an inspiring short based on an inspiring man. I found the six minutes to be riveting and I certainly recommend it.

4 / 5 stars     

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