Pint short film review (2013)

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Pint short film review, check out what we think of the Nic Barker film after the break. Clue, it brings a whole new meaning to getting p*****.

pint nic barker Pint short film review (2013)

“an extremely good example of how a short comedy should be made”

One wedding and one too many! Pint is a brilliantly made comedy written and directed by Nic Barker about an unfortunate wedding guest, Jackson (Jackson Tozer) accidently committing one social faux pas after another.

It is a setting and comedy style which is so familiar, and yet feels so fresh (no pun intended!). Jackson has been roped into going to a wedding where he is not particularly liked. Forgetting to turn your phone off is one thing, but not realising it is your phone that is going off during the vows is quite another, and so our luckless protagonist finds in the opening scene, and it only gets worse for him from there!

With a great performance from Tozer and some soul-piercing glares from Fiona Norman, this is an extremely good example of how a short comedy should be made. It is well framed and skilfully filmed, capturing the balance of naturalism and the brinks of absurdity which work together really well. I especially liked the tight shots of Jackson and the play with focus to give a real sense of that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with having a free bar at a wedding!

I have seen many short films where the protagonist does not engage in any dialogue, but rarely have it seen it done well and appropriately as this. This is partly down to Tozer’s dynamic acting, clever filming and editing, and also down to the simplicity of the story. We can really put ourselves into Jackson’s best shoes! This is especially true of my favourite scene where Jackson’s determination to reach to loo is quickly thwarted by the announcement of the dreaded speeches!

Overall thoughts:
Definitely worthy of its accolades, Nic Barker knows his stuff!

5 / 5 stars     

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