Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan box set 1 review

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This is our Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan box set 1 review which has recently been released on DVD.

Out of all the anime I have reviewed so far, I personally like this one the best. The story revolves around Rikuo Nura who is nura cover 214x300 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan box set 1 review3 quarters human and 1 quarter Yokai. He is the grandson of the famous Yokai Nurarihyon who is head of the Nura clan. Yokai are known for killing and eating humans organs. Rikuo resents this and endeavors to not become full Yokai and works to save humans from other Yokai. Nura also makes friends with a girl called Yura who is part of the Keikain family who are known as humans to have powers to defeat Yokai. The episodes are not necessarily linear as it goes into the past to find out the Nura and Keikain clans history.

Now I am not completely sure what Yokai are. I assume they are some sort of demon race. The anime never really explains this. Some of them are downright ugly or then the complete opposite like cute or human. The art style of the anime fits with the Yokai and some of the actions that they take, like organ eating (prefer a good steak myself).

I like how the families are always connected somehow within the story and going right back 400 years. Yokai live a lot longer than humans. Nurarihyon looks a bit weird as an old man in the current day as he has lost his hair and shrunk, plus his head is elongated so it looks like a massive beehive. This part is putting me off as you get to see Nurarihyon’s younger self and I could have got another anime crush, but knowing he has a pine cone for a head it’s not going to happen.

I believe the theme tune of Nura: Rise of the Yokai is done by one of the artists for the many ‘Naruto’ theme songs, I have been told I have an ear to recognize voices off the top of my head.  The English dub is decent and some familiar voices, again from other anime.

I actually thought I had finished the box set after two disks, then glinting in the corner of my eye was a third! I felt a like a major dipstick, but pleased that I could watch more (I was almost going to review it with just watching the two disks). Looking like a dipstick on the other hand would be me dancing about on my bed to the theme tune.

Fighting styles of each of the clans are different. Yokai tend to use fear as their attack which can vary depending on the user. The Keikan Clan use various ‘Jutsu’ not using hand signs like ‘Naruto’ though. The fights are eventful and don’t repeat over the same scenario too often, which has become a habit of popular anime (like taking up two episodes to get past one stage of a fight).

There is a romance story within the anime, which to be fair, it is sometimes nice to see a male character actually win the female’s heart rather than getting punched in the face for being a pervert. If I do say so myself, the male used some smooth moves for a demon. This may be the normal way a demon makes his move on a lady, but I would not know as I have not had chance to meet one. If you know one, please put in a good word for me.

Overall thoughts:
A good anime all round. It did have a filler episode on the last disk, so I hope this doesn’t become another ‘Naruto’ gag where you get a whole box set full of them. Action, some slight horror, romance and some humour. The best mix if you ask me.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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