Nightcrawler review (2014)

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Jake Gyllenhaal portrays a man trying to make it to the top as a gruesome news videographer in the dark Nightcrawler. Review right here after the jump.

nightcrawler 1 Nightcrawler review (2014)

An anti-hero for 2014, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Lou Bloom is a social misfit looking to go beyond what normal society would deem acceptable to get where he wants to be. Without a job, Bloom witnesses a terrible car accident and spots Bill Paxton’s news videographer. After a brief chat, Bloom then decides to go into business for himself with a cheap camcorder and a police scanner.

He sells his first video of a shooting to Renne Russo’s news editor and starts to build is gruesome empire by spending his nights trawling the streets looking for murders, car-jacking, accidents and more.

After hiring Rick – a man desperate for a job, Bloom pushes the boundaries to get his story, even if that means getting up-close and personal by sticking his cheap camcorder in the face of policemen and dying victims.

nightcrawler poster Nightcrawler review (2014)Dan Gilroy, who made a name for himself as the screenwriter of The Bourne Legacy and Real Steel, makes his directorial debut and hits the ground running. The screenplay is top notch and the film looks and plays beautifully – in a macabre way.

Gyllenhall, who has been fantastic in such films as Brokeback Mountain and Prisoners, is on top form as the socially awkward yet undeniably determined Lou Bloom. The actor lost some serious weight to play Bloom and he keeps us entranced with his line delivery and bulging and inquisitive eyes.  As a character Bloom will likely be remembered as a Travis Bickle for our age. Like Gyllenhaal, the supporting cast are all great.

Nightcrawler is sometimes hard to watch but you will find it hard to turn your attention from the screen. Expect an Oscar nomination for Jake Gyllenhaal in the Best Actor category as he really does put his all into the performance. Nightcrawler is one of 2014’s most surprising and rewarding films.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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