Naruto Shippuden Box Set 15 review

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Check out our Naruto Shippuden Box Set 15 review, by our very own super Anime geek Kavita Rawal, after the break.

naruto rasengan Naruto Shippuden Box Set 15 review

“You may HAVE to buy it, but I would leave it in the cellophane and put it on your shelf straight away.”

After seeing box set 14 of Naruto Shippuden I couldn’t wait to rip my teeth into this one to see what happened next!

Leaving from box set 14 we have just witnessed the Leaf Village being destroyed amidst a fight between Naruto and Pain. “Oh, oh, oh what happens next?” I hear you say. My response? Naff all! Box set 15 is, you guessed it, a bunch of fillers. Yes all two disks. Not even a story that lasts a few episodes, each story is one episode long about little side quests Naruto had done three years ago. I was not a happy bunny.

Fillers are all well and good if they round up a disk set for the next part of the story to start, and I can see why they would do it. Catching up to the Manga is the usual problem. But, in the whole disk set? Seriously? The only episode I found remotely interesting, was one about Kakashi and a love interest. These episodes should never make it to retail.

Considering I have possibly saved you time watching through two disks of filler I thought I would write about something a little different. Edmond Guy and Derek Storm know about this little weakness of mine. I have a crush on Kakashi Hitake. There, I admitted it. I have a crush on an anime character. I fully realize he is drawn and he isn’t real before you say anything of the sort. He is just so cool and his voice is hot. Just like guys get to see massive boobs and cleavage, I have my own little fantasy. Although, this one isn’t showing any body parts…I was distraught when he died in previous episodes and messaged Edmond and Derek in despair! Think they were laughing at me, as they knew he would be brought back to life. I was jumping around the room going “Yay! He’s not dead!” in my own special way.

I watch the anime with the English dub as with Naruto the dubs are great. I have to say when I saw the voice actor for Kakashi, I was a little disappointed. I thought he might have looked like him a teeny bit. If he came up to me and used the voice all the time though, I might change my mind. Considering this review is all about the dreaded filler, I would say that my favorite filler (one of the only ones) had to be when Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were trying to find out what Kakashi looks like underneath his mask. I want to know as well! Will I like it, if I ever get to see it? None of the fillers on this two desk set were like that at all, by the way.

Overall thoughts:

So all in all, if you collect the series, like myself. You may HAVE to buy it, but I would leave it in the cellophane and put it on your shelf straight away. Disappointing.

Naruto Shippuden Box Set 15 is available to pre-order now.

1 / 5 stars     

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