Mr Hublot short film review (2013)

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It may have won the Oscar this year for Best Animated Short Film, but what did we think about Mr Hublot? Find out after the jump.

HUBLOT 2 Mr Hublot short film review (2013)

Mr Hublot is a strange character. With his obsessive compulsive disorder, he spends his days straightening the picture frames on his walls, stirring his tea to the exact second and watching the same television programmes every night without fail. All that is about to change though.

Mr Hublot sees a homeless robot dog on the street below, hungry, cold and wet. He soon takes him in and adopts him. They bond but the dog starts to increase in size due to him being fed. The dog starts to break Mr Hublot’s belongings and after time he decides enough is enough, and he takes out his drill. mr hublot poster Mr Hublot short film review (2013)

Set in a perfectly realised and detailed steampunk world, Mr Hublot tells a beautiful tale without the need for speaking a word. Imagery is all that is needed, and that speaks in volumes.  The character design is fantastic and the music and sounds that accompany the film go hand-in-hand fantastically well.

There is no wonder that this 11 minute short picked up the golden statue at this year’s Academy Awards.

Overall Thoughts:

Mr Hublot is a beautiful and heart-warming tale set in a crazy detailed steampunk world. A little gem from Luxemburg. Watch it

4.5 / 5 stars     

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