Mad Max: Fury Road set back to 2015

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Mad Max: Fury Road is the latest film to be moved back, as a release date of 2015 has now been set for the Tom Hardy starring road warrior movie.

We put an article up a couple of weeks ago to state that Tom Hardy and the rest of the crew of Mad Max: Fury Road had returned to Australia to film more scenes. The highly anticipated film was supposed to be unleashed onto the cinemas in February 2014, but now it will be only coming out on 15th May 2015. mad max tom Mad Max: Fury Road set back to 2015

The set-back will spark rumours of problems regarding the film, although the extra year may help the overall quality. The problem with the change of date will be the movie moving into an already jam-packed year.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is set to be a blockbuster of mammoth proportions and that comes out just a fortnight before Mad Max: Fury Road. Other films set for 2015 include Jurassic World, Batman vs. Superman, Star Wars VIII, Mission Impossible 5 and the latest James Bond film.

Let’s hope the change won’t affect Mad Max: Fury Road, and Tom Hardy has another hit on his hands.

Source: Deadline

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