LeSeurdmin (2017) review

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When a depressed Peter drinks a mysterious beer he turns into a strange superhero in the adult animated feature film LeSeurdmin. Check out our review right here on Screen Critix.

 leseurdmin still LeSeurdmin (2017) review

We don’t get anywhere near enough animated movies to review here at the Screen Critix headquarters, so it was a breath of fresh air when LeSeurdmin arrived. Be warned though, this is no Disney or Pixar-like production; LeSeurdmin is for adult eyes only and it is hilarious.

Peter’s life is decent; he works in an office and he has a loving girlfriend, but all that changes after a night on the beer and a drunken date with said girlfriend and her parents in a posh restaurant. Embarrassed by his antics, Peter is dumped and left alone with nothing except a ratty old sofa, his copy of a ZomRomCom screenplay he wrote and a lizard fancy dress costume. Remembering that he has $200 stuffed in his underpants, Peter heads to a local bar and is sold a mysterious and exotic beer called Reptiale – a drink that as made by native Indians and contains actual venom.

Soon, Peter starts to act like a lizard; he can’t stomach normal foods and finds a taste for eating flies he finds surrounding turds in dingy alleyways. His voice also changes to one that is similar to Christian Bale’s “Batman voice” from the Christopher Nolan movie series. The craving for more Reptiale hits and Peter finds a store that stocks the drink “in the back” but finds himself stopping a robbery by maiming the criminal with some melted cheese and a saucepan.

LMPOSTER 713x1024 LeSeurdmin (2017) reviewThese antics soon get the attention of the police, who believe he may be behind the recent murdering spree of local prostitutes, and a local crime lord called The Grillmaster.

With a runtime of eighty minutes, LeSeurdmin is an absolute blast to watch. The animation may, at first glance, look amateurish, especially when compared to huge budget efforts from the house with the mouse, but it actually has a lovable quality and charm to it. It really works and you can tell a huge amount of time and effort was put into making it so. Funnily enough, better drawn storyboards are also used for transitions from scene to scene, and they don’t look out of place.

Directed by Nicholas de Fina (who also created the 2011 movie Pwners) he has done a fantastic job, along with his team, to create a hilarious animated film. The screenplay is fantastically written and the voice acting is superb.

We highly recommend LeSeurdmin, it’s a perfect antidote for those who feel the Marvel and DC movies are going a little stale and for fans of animated comedies such as South Park and King of the Hill.

Crude, violent and hilarious.

5 / 5 stars     

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