Joe Wright in talks to make a new PETER PAN movie?

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Rumours are circulating, regarding the possibility of British film director Joe Wright directing a new take on the classic Peter Pan story.

According to the ever reliable guys at The Hollywood Reporter, British filmmaker Joe Wright is currently in talks to make a new Peter Pan movie. It will apparently be set before Pan travels to Never land for the first time and takes over as the leader of The Lost Boys. peter pan Joe Wright in talks to make a new PETER PAN movie?

Jason Fuchs, who wrote Ice Age: Continental Drift, is currently adapting the idea into a screenplay. There is no news regarding casting details as yet. Joe Wright is mostly known for directing Anna Karenina and Hanna.

The story of Peter Pan has already been the subject of numerous films. A 2003 movie starring Jason Issacs was released to little fanfare. Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman starred in the great Hook by Steven Spielberg in the 90’s, but the most famous adaption is still the Disney animated version, which came out in 1953.

More on this version when we have it.

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