Hurting a Pigeon (2017) short film review

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A surreal short film from Greece, we review Hurting a Pigeon from director Theofanis Topsachalidis. Check it out after the jump.

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While it is true that we find many independent films landing on our desk from all over the world, Topsachalidis’s Hurting a Pigeon may be the first from the beautiful country of Greece, and hopefully not the last.

Hurting a Pigeon sees a candle maker (Lazaros Kotsidis), who lives a rather mundane and repetitive life, start to flicker and mingle with crazed absurdities. From performing Macbeth on the stage to wrestling visiting salesmen, Topsachalidis seems to have made the short film rather ambiguous – is all this really happening or are the day dreams of a man slowly going insane due to leading such a lacklustre life.

Created on a completely zero budget, Topsachalidis has managed to create a rather intriguing short film with nothing more than talent and desire. He already owned the equipment used to create the film and the cast and crew he brought in worked for nothing. They came together in order to make something they can all be proud of, and that in itself is a huge achievement. It’s another achievement to actually make the film look like it was made with a budget. The use of lighting, lenses and blocking are all done to great poster english2 200x300 Hurting a Pigeon (2017) short film review

Director Theofanis Topsachlidis started his film making career in 2013 and is already proving himself to be a name to look out for. Whilst Greece may not have the most healthy of movie opportunities for up-and-coming auteurs, Topsachlidis should still be able to forge out a successful career if he keeps making unique and professional productions such as Hurting a Pigeon.

If our loyal Screen Critix readers are wondering how they can view Hurting a Pigeon, we have been informed the short film has been sent in to many film festivals around the world, with the team now awaiting notification on which ones it will be shown at. So keep an eye out for future news, it may just appear in a town or city near you later this year.

Hurting a Pigeon is a bit of a head-scratcher, but not so much that it is not enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed the short and I’m sure many festival judges will do too.

4 / 5 stars     

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