House of Cards Season 2 Episode 1 Review

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We are a few days late, I’ll give you that, but let’s start this political journey together. It’s time to review House of Cards season 2. Spoilers contained within.

house of cards season 2 poster House of Cards Season 2 Episode 1 Review

“Those aiming to be in the 1% sure are ruthless.”

You’ll have to forgive me, a lot of details from season 1 are hard to remember off the bat. I found myself thinking ‘ow sh*t, yeah’ a lot. One thing is for sure, this is the kind of season that you HAVE to remember details. It’s a political web of lies and deceit expertly executed by Frank Underwood. We are also stepping into uncharted territories, let’s be honest… Frank is a bastard. Bastards don’t usually lead series, but Netflix breaks new ground constantly. We shouldn’t be surprised.

On with the episode deets, the entire first episode sets the tone we can expect from season 2. Team Zoe, the reporters, as I will refer to them are on the case. They suspect Frank is shady, and want the big story. At the same time our cold as ice, hey Jonny I’m breaking the fourth wall, Claire has her own problems. A troublesome lawsuit is her main focus, and boy does she CRUSH that. Threatening an unborn child’s life by denying it medication, all while manipulating her target into doing as she wants. Those aiming to be in the 1% sure are ruthless.

I found the pacing of the episode to be average, it didn’t seem to be setting the world on fire. But something just kept speaking to me, the idea that Frank was planning ‘something’. At the end of the episode, it seemed that it was putting everyone in their place. Then in a flash everything changed, in a conversation at a train station where Zoe wanted to get some kind of admission of guilt from our protagonist… he walks round a corner, she follows. Boom, he pushes her to her death in one of the most unexpected TV moments I’ve watched in recent times. Gobsmacked, but this is what you want from TV. I’m instantly hooked again, I could not believe it. I literally said ‘Ow crap, wow, bloody hell’. The pacing of the entire episode seemed to be for that very moment, so that we were comfortable when they pushed us the audience in front of that train!

Then to top it off, the strange exclusion of Mr.Underwood breaking the forth wall ended at the very end of the episode. As Kevin Spacey expertly delivers a monologue explaining how people aiming for the top have to show no mercy. The credits hit and Franks cufflinks are shown. F U.

Overall thoughts:
A brilliant return to this, pun intended, killer political show. Netflix are leading the march towards a compelling new format, different show types and they support original content(it’s inspired, I know I KNOW). Roll on episode 2.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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