Honeymoon review (2014)

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A recently married couple head out to the woods for their honeymoon, but things start to make a turn for the worse as the bride begins act more peculiar as each day passes. We review Honeymoon, right here on Screen Critix.

honeymoon 2 Honeymoon review (2014)

A horror movie set in the woods? What will they think of next? Of course, I was being sarcastic there; horror and the woods go together well in movie land and we continue the trend in Honeymoon.

Directed by Leigh Jankiak (his first feature film), Honeymoon sees Bea and Paul take a trip to a family-owned cottage in the woods for their honeymoon. This sickly sweet couple are forever telling each other how much they love one another for the majority of this slow-burning tale. They smother each other in kisses and have sex in numerous scenes. It all becomes a bit repetitive and tedious at times – yes, we get it, they love each other!

All is going okay on their little jaunt until Paul (Harry Treadaway) wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself alone in the bed. He investigates the cottage and then the woods, looking for his new wife. She appears in the dark and states that she has been sleep walking.

honeymoon poster Honeymoon review (2014)From that day forth, things start becoming a little weird. Bea has bruises on her thighs and begins to act rather strange. She forgets the simplest of things and finds the need to make lists about herself in a little book. Paul begins to suspect something is wrong and sets out to find out what.

As we stated above, Honeymoon is a slow-burner. It takes it’s time to really get going and one would be mistaken to think that they were watching a romantic drama for the first forty minutes, but it then turns and manifests itself into a horror with some disgusting gross-out moments. One will think twice about putting their hand up a woman’s skirt after watching this.

Honeymoon is shot nicely for a film on a low budget. We get to see the lake and woods in all their glory and the setting is great for a movie such as this. The couple are to sickly-sweet and don’t come across as a recently married one – more like two teenagers who have just become sexually active.

There are little to no jump scares in Honeymoon, with the film going more way of psychological with added gross effects and it works for the most part. The ending (without adding spoilers) tries with a pay-off but ultimately leaves you a little dissatisfied, as I hoped there would be more to it.

Overall, Honeymoon isn’t a bad little horror film, yet I feel it could have been a bit more.

2.5 / 5 stars     

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