HELLRAISER ORIGINS trailer released

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It’s Halloween and, as promised, the pitch trailer for Hellraiser Origins has been unleashed onto the world. Want to see for yourself? Check it out after the jump.

As we reported last week, a pitch trailer has been made for a film, with the intention of grabbing the attention of those at Dimension Films. Hellraiser Origins intends to be the film that brings a new light upon the story of Pinhead and his Cenobites.

Here is the trailer.

As you can see, in just this teaser, they are going for a completely different look to hell and Pinhead himself, but it looks intriguing none the less.

Hellraiser also hit headlines this week with Clive Barker announcing that he was going to remake the original with Doug Bradley returning as Pinhead. Clive wrote Hellraiser and also directed the original. Doug Bradley has issued a statement saying that he knows nothing of a remake as he hasn’t been approached yet.

The people behind Hellraiser Origins have also released a statement via their Facebook account. hellraiser origins poster 2 246x300 HELLRAISER ORIGINS trailer releasedhell

“HRO is neither a remake or a reboot, it’s a rebirth. At its heart is fans coming together and saying no, we have had enough of poor sequels and lazy filmmaking for profit. We all know the state the franchise was in before all the HR PR started a year or so ago, it’s been given new life of late. We opened the imagination floodgates and propose a Hellraiser world that is unlike any other. It is a homage to the great classic, yet expands and explores new worlds, new sensations. At the core of this project and the teaser is a re-imagining of the High Priest himself. A visual representation of the themes proposed in the possible movie. Explore the new vision, understand the movie! A grand esoteric dark epic that’s too much for a studio to handle? Perhaps, only time will tell. One thing is for sure, the future of Hellraiser has never been more delightfully gleaming. There is room in this world for many a dark tale yet.”

Could we have both Hellraiser and Hellraiser Origins in the pipeline? Anything is possible.

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