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Heaven’s Memo Pad is an anime consisting of 12 episodes. The story is about a teenage boy called Narumi Fujishima who lives with his older sister. Starting a new school after several moves with his dad’s employment, he has trouble making new friends and settling down. He does make one new friend called Ayaka Shinozaki and joins his school’s gardening committee with a total of two members (I know you can work that one out!). Through Ayaka, Narumi gets pulled into joining the ‘NEET’ agency led by Alice. ‘NEET’ is a amateur detective agency with several members with different characteristics. Alice is portrayed as a young girl, who is pretty much a hermit in her own room with her computers and cuddly toys. Who can blame her? I still have mine!

“The art style is comfort to the eyes and there isn’t a scene out of place.”

Each episode entails the ‘NEET’ agency solving a case with personal stories mixed within them. There are various amounts of humor including some dude stealing a character’s bras and also serious moments. It was a perfect mix between the two. There are English dubs available and I recognized several voices from other anime. One is really bugging me, that I can’t recognize where his voice is from. I will find out who you are mister high pitched, anime voice man ..someday!

The characters are likeable and my favorite have to be the Hirasaka Group. A bunch of beefy men with not much for brains being run by a character called ‘The Fourth’, they are highly entertaining. The art style is comfort to the eyes and there isn’t a scene out of place. It is a good anime to snuggle up under your duvet to in an evening before sleep.

Overall thoughts:

If you like small mysteries along with humor and purpose this is an anime for you. I only wish they had carried the series on after the 12 episodes.

4 / 5 stars     

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