Gotham episode 1 review

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One of the year’s biggest new television shows started this week – Gotham. Come with us as we look at the first episode in which classic DC characters are introduced.

Let’s just get this out there first, DC are rocking the small screen, comic books and animated series right now, and with all eyes on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the rest of the upcoming films, they could give Marvel a run for their money in the movie department too.

Gotham arrived this week riding a wave of hype. The thought of a show being set in the infamous city of Gotham before Batman made his presence known got everyone excited. Luckily for us the show, so far, lives up to hype.

As stated above, Batman is not in Gotham yet (to a degree). We see the murder of the Wayne’s in crime alley by a masked thug, leaving poor young Bruce an orphan.  Detective Harvey Bullock and his new partner Detective James Gordon are assigned to the case. The case presents many problems, one being that Bullock is corrupt and willing to take any easy route out, whilst Gordon is an honest man and willing to work hard to get the right man. gotham episode 1 Gotham episode 1 review

Their investigation leads to meetings with Ed Nygma – who has a tendency to speak in riddles, lady gangster Fish Moody and Oswald Copplepot, the latter a snitch who hates the nickname given to him (The Penguin).

Gotham episode 1 is a well-made show that will make comic book fans smile at the in-jokes and nods to the original material, whilst not alienating people who know little about the city or its inhabitants.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable first instalment in what could certainly be Must Watch television.

4 / 5 stars     

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