Foxcatcher review (2014)

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Based on the true story of Mark and Dave Shultz and their encounter with the strange and wealthy John Du Pont, we review Foxcatcher right here.

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The last few weeks has been strange for the film Foxcatcher; the film, which is based on a true story, has been predicted as one of the front runners for the upcoming Oscars, yet the movie was recently slammed by the real Mark Shultz himself, although it was reported that he loved the movie just a few months prior.

The movie starts with Mark (Channing Tatum) takes jobs talking to school kids in assembly halls for just $20 a time, as he tries to make ends meet. The scene aims to show that once all the talk of him winning a gold medal is over the country does little to help the man who represented them at the highest stage in sporting competition.

foxcatcher poster Foxcatcher review (2014)Mark then receives a call from an associate of one Mr Du Pont who insists he visits him for a business proposal. He flies in via first class plane and then helicopter to the Du Pont estate where he meets the rather strange John Du Pont (Steve Carell). Du Pont offers Mark $20,000 per year to stay and represent his new wrestling team – Foxcatcher, of which Mark accepts.

We then see the downward spiral of Mark as he prepares (or doesn’t) for the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, which then leads to a turning point that will change the lives of Mark, John and Dave Shultz (Mark Ruffalo) forever.

Whilst Foxcatcher can be a little slow-burning at times, but what we do have is a very interesting character study with the main three actors all on very fine form. Channing Tatum may be known as being a heart-throb, Steve Carell as a funny man and Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, but they all power through with excellent acting that carries the movie forward.

I think it is safe to say that Foxcatcher will definitely be picking up some Oscar nominations in a few weeks, and don’t be surprised if it gains them in such categories as Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Director (by Bennett Miller).

Interesting and well performed, Foxcatcher is a film you should definitely check out once you have the chance.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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