Exit Road (2015) short film review

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Having been recently released from prison, Dane struggles with the people around him and the urge to once again start taking drugs in the short film Exit Road. Check out our review after the jump.

exit road 1024x545 Exit Road (2015) short film review

Dane has just been released from prison, yet he finds out that life may have been safer for him behind bars. Although he is struggling to find money for a good meal, Dane also has debts that put his life in danger. The neighbours that surround his life are also tired of him taking advantage of them, offer little help and he has to resort from stealing from those who love him.

Written and directed by Yuri Alves, Exit Road is a stylish and somewhat disturbing look into the life of a drug addicted former convict.  As Dane’s life spirals out of control, Yuri also uses the camera and fast cuts to heighten the sensation of insanity and hopelessness, and it really works. We the audience aren’t just looking in at Dane’s life like a fly on the wall, no Yuri makes sure we are tagging along with Dane on a ride we would rather not be on.

exit road poster 696x1024 Exit Road (2015) short film reviewAlves also took up the cinematography duties on Exit Road, which is not a strange sight on low budget short films, and he does a great job. The camera movement is akin to that of a documentary and he used all his light sources well too.

Dane Sansevero does a fine job at playing the drug addicted rogue. He portrays a man whose life is on the brink of collapse well. I would like to know if he lost weight to play Dane, as his look in scenes is perfect for one that relies on narcotics to just get through the day. It reminded me a little of Christian Bale’s performance in The Machinist, if not that drastic.

The rest of the supporting actors all do a good job and play their roles in a believable manner, so much so that you actually question if you are watching a movie at times and not a documentary on the war against drugs and how it affects other people.

Exit Road has been playing at festivals all over the world, including the great Raindance festival. You may still be able to catch it. If you do have the opportunity, I recommend you doing so.

4 / 5 stars     

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