Domain registrations hint at real Batman vs. Superman title

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Multiple domain names have been registered for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie by Warner Bros. but which one is the real title?

batman vs superman 300x199 Domain registrations hint at real Batman vs. Superman title

It is now extremely common for film studios to register multiple domain names for upcoming films; even video game studios do the same. It is often used to put fans off the scent of the real title, so to surprise.

Now, Warner Bros. have registered no less than eight new domains. It was obvious that Batman vs. Superman would not be the title for the finished film – it was just a name we used when discussing the project after the San Diego Comic Con announcement.

It should be noted that the titles below could all be a red herring, or that they could be used for other means, such as video games, phone apps, comics, animated series etc.

Here are the eight:

Man of Steel: Battle the Knight

Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness

Man of Steel: Black of Knight

Man of Steel: Darkness Falls

Man of Steel: Knight Falls

Man of Steel: Shadow of the Knight

Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour

Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

So, which one do you prefer? Or should they stick with Batman vs. Superman or even the nice and simple Man of Steel 2? Tell us below.

Source: The Hollywood News

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