Dead Sharks (2015) short film review

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Not all relationships are loving and based on trust. We review Dead Sharks, a short film that delves into the lives of couples whose relationships aren’t going well.

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Most people dream of having a Hollywood relationship, like in the movies. The Notebook is a good example of what many women long for, and we aren’t just talking about Ryan Gosling. But in truth, most relationships are hard work, and without hard work from both sides, many are doomed to fail. Dead Sharks, by director Nic Barker, lets the audience take a sneak peek into the lives multiple people whose relationships are starting to go sour. This certainly isn’t a rom-com.

What we get is four short stories for the price of one. Paige (Fiona Norman) has recently been on a date and slept with a gentleman. She hasn’t heard from him since so she decides to take it upon himself to call his mobile phone – an excruciating amount of times.  Georgia (Hannah Vanderheide) wants a relationship with Harry (Bryce Padovan), unfortunately for her, Harry has recently been in some serious relationships recently and wants to play the field.

Dead Sharks poster 691x1024 Dead Sharks (2015) short film reviewThe third segment sees a couple called Amy and Greg (played by Taylor Hemsworth and Jackson Tozer respectively) who embark on a mission to find a restaurant to eat at, all the while the argue like cat and dog. The final part of Dead Sharks ties up some loose ends as Ben (Robin Brown) asks his girlfriend Louise (Skye Young) to move in with him, but their meal is constantly interrupted by a third party.

Having already reviewed Pint, one of Nic Barker’s previous short films, I was expecting a polished product with Dead Sharks, and I wasn’t disappointed. The film looks and sounds great and is full of excellent performances from the cast. Every single actor puts their all into the short, so much so, I had to second guess if they were really acting at all, and Dead Sharks was actually a documentary.

Nic Barker has proven again that he is both a talented filmmaker and storyteller. Dead Sharks really is an excellent look at the bad side of relationships, with a little humour thrown in for good measure.

5 / 5 stars     

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