Coming to Terms (2015) short film review

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Following the death of their parents, a young son and daughter imagine what heaven is like in the heart-rending short film Coming to Terms.

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Coming to Terms is one of those short films that comes along only ever so often. It’s beautiful to look at, it sounds great, the performances of all the actors are on point and the storyline touches you; you walk away knowing that you have just watched something special.

Following the passing of their mother, young Sally and Eddie then have to say goodbye to their father (Michael Maino) who has become sick. He tells them that he is to rejoin with his wife in heaven and, when questioned on how he will travel there, he informs his kids that a special train will pick him up and take him to his new home in the sky. Wyatt Greene and Carissa Bazler do a fantastic job in their respective roles of Eddie and Sally; they are two talented young actors.

Once he has passed, the devastated children have to live with their loving Aunt Carol (Nancy Daly), yet the children never get over losing their parents. Following a discussion about what heaven is really like, the kids make a decision that will affect everyone.Coming to Terms POSTER 757x1024 Coming to Terms (2015) short film review

From the opening shot, I knew I was about to watch something really special. Everything looked perfect; from the framing, to the colour, lighting and score. I wasn’t wrong; Coming to Terms is a fantastic little short film.

David Bertran certainly seems to be a director to watch out for, and it’s also interesting to see that he wrote and co-produced the piece as well. It’s not surprising that the short has already won multiple awards in the festival circuit to date and just missed out on a few too. It really is well deserved.

Coming to Terms is a beautiful looking film with some exceptional performances. A huge well done to all involved.

5 / 5 stars     

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