Ciaran Foy to direct Sinister 2

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UK director Ciaran Foy will step behind the camera to direct the sequel to the hit 2012 horror film – Sinister.

Released in 2012 and starring Ethan Hawke, Sinister went on to make $87 million worldwide at the box office. Scott Derrickson directed the first film, but he will now step aside for Ciaran Foy, although Derrickson will still be writing the screenplay alongside C. Robert Cargill. sinister Ciaran Foy to direct Sinister 2

Foy has made just one feature film to date, the horror film Citadel. The movie won the Midnighter Audience Awards at the 2012 SXSW  Film Festival.

The original Sinister saw Hawke play a crime writer who intentionally moves his family into a house that was early the scene of a horrific murder. He soon finds some home “snuff” movies in the attic and his life is put in jeopardy.

There is no news as yet to who will be starring in the film. Let’s hope it becomes a worthy sequel though.

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