C.O.G (2013) review

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David is a college student who takes some time out from his studies to work in small-town America in order to find himself. Read the review after the jump.

Extremely arrogant and cock-sure, David (Jonathan Groff) travels via bus to a small town in America to try and taste the life of people he feels are below him. He first takes a job on a farm picking apples, but is soon promoted working in the apple factory. c.o.g C.O.G (2013) review

Along the way he meets Curley, a friendly face in the factory who turns out to have a taste in dildos, and a devote Christian in Jon. While not spelling it out for the viewer, David is a strange soul who seems gay but won’t have sex with men and he doesn’t seem interested in women either. When he loses his way a little, Jon takes the student in, in order to get a working partner to help turn a block of jade into clocks, all the while trying to convert him to religion.

C.O.G, which is based on a David Sedaris novel, looks nice but it doesn’t really get going to make it memorable. The first half of the film features so many apples, that it should have been called Apples. In the end, we find out that C.O.G actually stands for Children of God.

The acting is great, even though David is one of the least likeable characters around, much like the portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, but the film is rather boring in many sections.

2 / 5 stars     

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