Buck’s Bed and Breakfast (2015) short film review

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A couple’s weekend vacation takes a surprising turn when they stay a Buck’s Bed and Breakfast. Check out our review of Buck’s Bed and Breakfast after the jump.

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From Shoot for the Moon films, Buck’s Bed & Breakfast is a short comedy film revolving around a couple’s embarrassing vacation at a small hotel. Having read the “five star” reviews online, Buck’s seemed a nice destination for Van and Louise Trumbull (played by Nicholas Magrey and Arianna Danae respectively), but they soon learn to regret it once they realise the hotel is a destination for nudists.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Nudists. As in, people who like to walk around in the nude. This is, of course,  a shock for Van, but even more so for his high maintenance wife Louise, who doesn’t know where to look and wishes she was anywhere but sat at the dining table surrounded by breasts, penises and vaginas.

Having reviewed a couple of film by Shoot the Moon Films prior to this (Acceptance & Cause and Effect) I was already expecting a well-made short and I wasn’t disappointed. The visuals and editing of Buck’s (for short) was all nicely done, though there were a couple of sound issues during the dialogue exchanges (nothing that a couple of lav mics wouldn’t have fixed), but they can be forgiven seeing just how fun the film was.Bucks 1024x1024 Bucks Bed and Breakfast (2015) short film review

The performances were all great. Though Magrey and Danae didn’t feel like a couple to me, they both did really well with the comedy aspects of the screenplay. I remember Magrey did a tremendous job in Acceptance as a transgender, if he keeps up the good work, he will go far.

Overall, Buck’s Bed and Breakfast is a humorous short film that I’m sure will be well received at the short comedy festivals. It’s great to see these group of talented individuals continuing to put out such high quality films for people to enjoy.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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