Breaking Bad Series 5 Episode 15 “Granite State” Review

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Reviewing Breaking Bad is hard. Reviewing Breaking Bad Episode 15 “Granite State” is impossible. Anything I put really doesn’t do justice to everything that has led up to the penultimate episode of arguably the best TV show ever made. Screw it, THE best TV show ever made (my opinion).


Seriously, do not read this post unless you have watched the episode. If you are considering watching Breaking Bad DO NOT READ THIS POST. Go watch it now!

breaking bad season 5 poster Breaking Bad Series 5 Episode 15 Granite State Review

Leading up to this episode I had the idea this could be a “Jesse” episode. Maybe Walt wouldn’t show up until the last episode? Leading to some crazy revenge scenes against those horrible HORRIBLE gang members. How far off was I?

Honestly, I get tempted to ask AMC if they will be offering therapy to those like myself who are affected by the events of the show. Last week Hank dying was absolutely heart breaking; this week Andrea got killed in front of Jesse who had attempted to escape his captors earlier. This was the gangs way of keeping Jesse in check reminding him that Brock could be next. No idea how Jesse gets out of this one.

Another gut punch of the episode was Walt’s attempt at sending his family some money. This was met by “Flint” as he now refers to himself again telling his father that he should just die already. Not that he doesn’t deserve this treatment.

Vince Gilligan has somehow made you care about the ending for a horrible person like Walter White. I think everyone wants to see Walt try and get some small kind of redemption, not that he can ever make up for what he’s done, by sending the gang members to Belize.

Granite State was without a doubt a great episode. Not quite a 5 like last weeks episode would’ve got if I reviewed it but still amazing regardless.

Gulp, anyone dare predict the events of next weeks episode?

4.5 / 5 stars     

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