Bond 24 called Come and Dive, teaser trailer released *Updated*

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We thought we were at least a year away from anything concrete, but Bond 24 now has an official title and a teaser trailer. See it here.

Skyfall was a massive success, earning over a billion dollars at the box office, so hype for the next James Bond adventure is at its highest. Set for release in October in 2015, many expected the next film to be based on the novel Devil May Care, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The film is to be called Come and Dive (yes really) where Bond will be swept away by a dangerous love story. As MI6 rises from its ashes, 007 must protect a mysterious stranger and unveil long forgotten secrets.

Here is the teaser.

Daniel Craig returns as 007 whilst Naomi Harris is back as Miss Moneypenny. Ralph Fiennes also returns as M. Nothing else is known in regards to the cast.

*Update* Sony have stated that both the name, trailer and plot details are all fake, even though the Youtube video stated it was from Sony Pictures, had a link to the official 007 website and the film had a Facebook page. Although we are a little annoyed at being duped, we are sighing with relief as we hated the name Come and Dive. Let’s hope Devil May Care is still on the agenda.

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