Arakawa Under The Bridge Series 1 review

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Arakawa Under The Bridge Series 1 review. Arakawa is a recently released anime. It does not give the option to have English dubs so if you want to watch this then you know you have to be in reading mode. You may find the subtitle text a tad on the small side so be prepared to squint.

arakawa under the bridge Arakawa Under The Bridge Series 1 review

Name: Arakawa Under the Bridge
Studio: Shaft
Licensed by: MVM
Release date: 04/11/2013

“This is not a traditional love story by any means”

Getting to see man bum  within the first five minutes, I am starting to see a theme of the projects I am being given to review….please note this is the only bum you get to see throughout all of series one. Sorry to disappoint.

The main character in the story is called Kou Ichinomiya who has been brought up by his father to never owe anyone a favor, he is a successful businessman and has worked hard to get where he is. He meets a girl called Nino who ends up saving his life. Distraught with the fact he is indebted to Nino and he owes her his life, he must repay her. Nino eventually decides she wants him to be her lover. Kou has to then live under the bridge above river Arakawa with Nino and her strange friends, with strange habits.

mvm arakawa front 209x300 Arakawa Under The Bridge Series 1 reviewThis is not a traditional love story by any means. In fact it is downright weird. I am not sure whether I personally like or dislike the anime due to this. Whether some of the jokes are more localized to the Japanese, hence why I don’t get some of it’s quirks, may be a reason.

The character’s are likeable even though their appearance and mannerisms may be different. ‘Sister’ is my favorite, a tall muscly bloke wearing a nun outfit. I believe that sentence just confirmed my explanation of the anime being unusual.

I like the opening theme to Arakawa, however singing along to Japanese songs whether in tune or not never seems to sound quite right.  Art style is attractive in most parts except when characters get particularly muscly, yet it fits in as the characters are meant to be more intimidating.

Trying to determine the meaning behind the story of Arakawa is challenging. Are these type of characters considered to be like gypsies for the Japanese? Living away from society and following their own beliefs and traditions? Maybe, you can still get by in life without the need of money and possessions, using your imagination to take away the repetitive routine of everyday life?

If you like unconventional watching and something different then try Arakawa. Weird, interesting and unusual. The show has still got me debating against myself; if it is something I enjoy or not.

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2.5 / 5 stars     

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