Alien Abduction review (2014)

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A vacation in the woods turns into a close encounter nightmare for one family, in the found-footage movie Alien Abduction. Review after the jump.

alien abduction Alien Abduction review (2014)

Another week, another found-footage film. Only this time we are treated to aliens stalking one family in the backwoods of America. Seen through the eyes (or camera) of autistic boy Riley as he and his family go camping, thing start to take a turn for the worse after spotting three bright lights in the sky at night. The Morris family soon come across a tunnel filled with abandoned cars with no way through and they soon realise that they are not alone and creatures from outer space are hunting them.

Alien Abduction is well made on a low budget. It is scary at times and the director uses sound and lighting to great effect – even the use of a heavy duty light can produce terror for the characters and the audience, as well as the interference on the camera, making us fully well aware that something is close.alien abduction poster 202x300 Alien Abduction review (2014)

A couple of problems I had with the film where the ADR of Riley holding the camera, it’s not hard to spot that his voice was added in at a later date and it is obvious that a cameraman was shooting the film and not the eleven year old. They also take a few nods from The Blair Witch Project and even had a “telling the camera how scared you are” scene.

Sometimes you have to let things like that slide though, as Alien Abduction is what it is – a low budget horror film that, if you switch off, you can enjoy.

Overall Thoughts

Low budget and at times scary, Alien Abduction is one of the better found footage movies to be released recently.

3 / 5 stars     

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